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ZEETEX Expands Range with Two New Winter Patterns

Daisy Tires, Zeetex’s Italian distributor cut the ribbon at the launch of the brand’s latest tyre during Autopromotec in May. The new ICE 1000 studless winter passenger car tyre will be available in sizes ranging from 14 to 17 inches and is said to be part of a new generation of products which are set to replace the S-100 line over the next few years. The ICE 2000C is a winter commercial tyre with zigzag sipes.


According to the company, the tyre offers “remarkable handling and enhanced stability on slush and snow surfaces. This tyre is available in 15 and 16 inches with high end load ranges. New product patterns stands up in its own right and ZAFCO is very proud of the results gathered so far and will give our distributors a competitive edge to deliver quality products to end users. This enhances our presence in winter range to a wide spectrum of product range making winter range a viable solution for needs of our distributors”.

ZeetexZEETEX Expands Range with Two New Winter Patterns
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